Hey guys here is a semi detailed guide on setting up a FreeIPA client on Ubuntu 16.04 with making home directory as it is a little werid. And so Away we go.

First thing you need to run sudo pam-auth-update to set the make home parameter.make sure it is set like the image and then click ok. This is needed because of an issue with Ubuntu. Still trying to find a good way to automate this.


Next we need to install the FreeIPA client package with sudo apt install freeipa-client -y. during the install set the Kerebos authentication to the right domain.


After FreeIPA is installed run sudo ipa-client-install --mkhomedir. This will start the setup for the client to authenticate to FreeIPA. During this section it will ask you a bunch of questions and you will need to answer them.

freeipa install In my image it shows that it couldn't connect to the NTP server but that is becuase I am pushing that out in a different way then through FreeIPA that I will get into more at a later time.

After the install completes successfully, you should now be able to login with a user from FreeIPA. To test this, you can use su username and then enter the password for the username

su login

And that is it. You now have your Ubuntu system authenticating to FreeIPA for centralized authentication, sudo, and SSH keys.